Scotland’s Rockstar Clean Energy Leadership — 39% Renewable Electricity Today, 100% By 2020, & More

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Scotland may not be as large as Germany or Australia or the US, but it certainly deserves a bit more attention when it comes to its clean energy leadership.

Scotland already gets over 30% renewable electricity — about 33% today according to the interviewee in the first video below; 39% of total electricity demand in 2012, according to the Scottish government. It has a 2020 target of 100% renewable electricity. And it also has an ambitious overall renewable energy target.

Notably, Scotland has some wonderful renewable energy resources — especially wind and tidal resources. But come on, who doesn’t have wonderful renewable energy resources? From sunshine to wind to geothermal to less popular types of renewable energy, countries around the world have clean, renewable resources they can tap to generate their own energy.

Check out these two videos below from Fully Charged for more on Scotland’s rockstar clean energy leadership (h/t NewEnergyNews):


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