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by @ 11:59 am on August 21, 2006.

SolidarityEconomy.net is an online 'think tank without walls' dedicated to critical debate and analysis for the mass movements of today. We are part of a global network of activists, organizers and intellectuals who believe that solving our most pressing political, economic, social and environmental problems requires a revolutionary transformation on a global scale.

We begin on a 'micro level' in each country, contending in all spheres - state, market, civil society, culture - with the most reactionary, 'low road' elements of capital, both local and global. We seek popular and worker's control of all vital institutions, through radical structural reform through broad alliances among labor, community, youth and 'high road' elements of the business community.

We are part of the global left. We distinguish ourselves, first, by our conviction that markets are part of socialism and that all economies are subsets of an ecosystem whose imperatives are ignored at the peril of all. We also recognize that the socialisms of the past have met with deep crisis and evolutionary dead ends.

We are trying to engage that theoretical crisis head-on, reaffirming the well-known conviction that there can be no revolutionary movement without revolutionary theory. Theory for us, however, is not clinging to old dogma, but looking at the 21st Century afresh, rooted in practice, and requiring new hypotheses, new policy, and new strategy and tactics.

 SolidarityEconomy.net is dedicated to helping drive the theoretical discussion and to assisting organizers in their practical work. Read our organizing principles in the article 'Where to Begin.' If you believe you are in the same ballpark, we invite you to join us in this project. If not, we still invite you participation and criticisms in the discussion we present here. To contact us for help organizing in your community, leave a message below or send an e-mail to us: editors@solidarityeconomy.net

Carl Davidson, For the Editors.


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  1. Rainshadow says:

    The workers sitting in at a Chicago factory remind me of Argentine workers who sat in, resumed production, and went into business for themselves. Their story is told most completely in our films – ARGENTINA:HOPE IN HARD TIMES (2005, Bullfrog Films) and the sequel ARGENTINA: TURNING AROUND (Bullfrog Films, 2008). A shorter vserion of ARGENTINA TURNING AROUND is also part of the 2008 Media That Matters on-line film festival.

  2. robert rocheleau says:

    I do not see a link or any info about the March 19th-22nd Forum on the Solidarity Economy Network. Could you please post the inof about the conference on your website?



  3. I am an organizer and community developer and would like to write for publication if I could.

    Please Advise.


  4. Editors says:

    Easy enough. Just email what you write to me, carld717@gmail.com If it works, we’ll use it

  5. michael johnson says:

    I’m not sure what WordPress is. Is it a blog for people like me who have registered? If not is there a way to post on this site?


    michael johnson

  6. Dear allies,
    I just read David Schweickart’s article in WorldWatch and think it’s GREAT. I would love to send you my two latest books. The first is Getting a Grip2: Clarity, Creativity and Courage for the World We Really Want. It challenges the false assumptions about human nature and our current economy and outlines the emergence of a Living Democracy. I would great appreciate your feedback. The second is Liberation Ecology. I’m seeking readers’ feedback before I release it nationally. I would love your critique.
    Can you let me know best place to send these two books? THANK YOU for your vision and hard work! Frances Moore Lappe

  7. Vincent says:

    Your noble goal shall most likely remain noble academic dream because you are talking about the changing of the “Democracy” that has been developed since the British Magna Carta 800 years ago and the total change of basic human nature.

  8. Your readers might be interested in my book of a political Party that promoted Economic Democracy.
    For those interested – my recent book on a Third Party.
    Informative, true and high drama.

    What more can you ask?
    Dan Lieberman

    Grassroots Politics and Economic Democracy

    This is a story that must be told – of a relatively small group of intrepid people who organized the first grassroots political Party, which ran candidates in two presidential races and existed from 1979-1985 – a formidable accomplishment. The book relates the history of the CITIZENS PARTY, an alternative and progressive Party that promoted the concepts of grassroots politics and economic democracy. Describing formation, growth, and demise of the well-organized Citizens Party adds extensive knowledge to the workings of the political system. Personal struggles add high drama, complete with intrigue, loss, and heroism – a political thriller of challenge and survival. Because history does not get lost but repeats, perhaps the near future will reawaken an interest in the Party’s organization, concepts and programs. The Citizens Party left a legacy that demands study, analysis, and entry into political thought. Anyone interested in learning third Party dynamics should start here.

    Dan Lieberman served on the Citizens Party National Committee. In that capacity, he gained knowledge of operations, participated in decisions, attended important meetings, and maintained relevant documents.

    As editor of Alternative Insight, an online commentary on politics, foreign policy, domestic policy and media, his articles have been read in more than 150 nations, while articles written for other websites have either appeared or been linked in online journals throughout the world. Many serve as teaching resources in universities, and several have become Internet classics, attracting thousands of readers annually, years after publication.

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    Politics and Prose Bookshop
    5015 Connecticut Avenue
    Washington D.C. 20008-2024
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    Credit card thru PayPal
    Link to PayPal at http://www.alternativeinsight.com/AltinstBooks.html

    Check Payable to Altinst Books
    Mail to:
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  9. Bob Stone says:

    Dear SolidarityEconomy.net,

    You are a wonderful INTERNATIONAL resource but have you found a cooperative solution to the problem of translation? This is especially needed between the four languages of the Americas: Spanish, English, Portuguese and French. At our August conference — “Moving Beyond Capitalism” — we at the Center for Global Justice in San Miguel, Mexico, will be working for a new and truly AMERICAN solidarity. Babels was an international co-op of professionals who volunteered expert translation services in solidarity with the Social Forum movement. Demands of making a living diminished it, along with having their labor taken for granted by conference participants. At our three past international conferences our bi-lingual “think tank” grappled with translation. We would now like to join SolidarityEconomy.net and others in building a durable global cooperative of translators and interpreters to bring together the world’s newly proletarianized population. The reality is: no translation — no global dialogue; no global dialogue — no global solidarity. Machines can’t cut it. Translation labor is the material basis of global solidarity among workers.

    adelante juntos,

    Bob Stone
    Research Associate
    Center for Global Justice

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